Nasdaq Interview on the Potential of AI in Every Industry


Don White, CEO and Co-Founder of Satisfi Labs, sat down with Jill Malandrino, Global Markets Reporter at Nasdaq, to discuss the potential of AI in all industries. Read the highlights or watch the interview below:





On the power of AI in the sports industry:

White: “What AI is doing is allowing all of these fans that are going to these physical locations to get information and even purchases on demand. So when we think about scaling employees, the sports entertainment business can't really do that, and the machines are allowing us to get there quickly.”

On what having a knowledge management platform means:

White: “That means there's a lot of information in the world. Physical locations and events have it, but how do you distill it into a way that AI can understand? Knowledge management is a hot space because getting this structured and unstructured data into a format that AI can understand is really part of the future.”

On what sparked the idea for Satisfi Labs:

White: “The story goes that we were looking at a menu at Citi Field and someone said, 'you know, they have bacon on a stick there.' And we thought that was a fascinating delicacy. So how could we find that and how would other fans find that? Working with Major League Baseball, who's our lead investor, actually helped us get this into stadiums and people are fascinated with how quickly the information comes to them.”

On Satisfi Labs’ partnership with Wicked:

White: “Wicked is great. We work with our partners at, and they were interested in the purchase flow. How could we get fans or customers, who are coming to the wicked website, a quicker and easier way to purchase tickets to the show, find out where to park, where to grab dinner before the show and all that kind of timely information, and learn more about their customers to make them more happy in the future as well.”

On what the future for Satisfi Labs looks like:

White: “We are hyper focused on taking all the employee knowledge, all those tangential and difficult things that are learned, like 'what's your best employee look like?' How do you make that digital and apply it to all the other information out there? You'll see our product in music festivals and tourism places like airports and zoos, aquariums, museums, all those places we spend time, all the information should be on demand.”

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